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Bethel Music

  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Content
  • Event Opener

Bethel Music is an internationally recognized and award winning collective of artists based in Redding, CA.

Through their touring, conferences and music they reach millions of people every year. Bethel approached us to help them craft and evolve the visual content component of their live experiences, and we’ve since had the privilege of collaborating with them over the past few years.


We began by taking time to review the direction Bethel Music has historically gone in with their live visual, and this really helped to narrow in on the direction we wanted to head. It was important to us to spend time digging into the themes and stories these songs were telling.

Through this process began to develop a world in which the visual language worked in step with the written language. We were also mindful to not introduce too sudden a departure from where they have been, yet still turn a corner into something new and exciting.

Design & Production

As the themes and stories emerged, we landed on the idea of taking the existing visual palette of nature and natural beauty and applying a different lense to it. So instead of beautiful drone footage or nature images, we would maintain the essence of that content while shifting the perspective to something untypical:

Macro hi-speed imagery of water, waterfalls and rivers.

Moving through a digital point cloud, representative of a topographical landscape.

Manipulating and filming the movement and character of natural elements such as paint, water, ink and dust.

Minimalistic animation combined with warm and natural hand drawn textures and artwork.


The Colours & Shapes team approaches everything with intentionality. Everything is created with the spectator in mind, that they would experience something they have not yet seen. While creating with Colours and Shapes you are always aware of the innovation and the endless opportunities of your canvas.

Lindsey Strand
Bethel Music